New Confidence and Foundation Training Course

This course will be the last for 2014 and begins on November 1st. The second date is November 8th and given the time of year we can discuss dates from there.

This is a Foundation Training Course however the focus will be on horses that are already started under saddle, have had break for some reason or lack good foundation training (travelling in frame, soft in the bridle, attentive, walk, trot and canter in frame and so on). For the riders the course focuses on gaining confidence. Perhaps you have had a fall, been off riding for a while, just got a new horse or any number of other things that sometimes makes us lose confidence.

Foundation Training Courses are suitable for un-started horses (start your own horse on the course), horses that have had a long break, haven’t got good foundation training and for riders that lack confidence because they are not sure what the horse might do. The Foundation Course stets you and your horse up for success by clearly.

There are only 5 places available on the course and the first one went within half an hour of my organising dates.

Call me if you would like to chat about it, see if it might suit you and your horse or have any other questions (0458298338).

The course runs as one clinic day per fortnight (or thereabouts) and the cost is $200 for the day and includes a training DVD.


Below is the basic Foundation Course schedule but as this is a special CONFIDENCE based course we will vary the format as required by the small group.

Clinic 1: Round pen work – inside and outside turns and come to me. This lesson is all about getting to know your horse’s emotional level. Where is he naturally on the emotional level scale and what is the best way to engage him so that he can relax and learn.

Clinic 2: Bridling and give to the bit – teaching your horse to accept the bridle with his head down and open his mouth for you. Teaching your horse to travel in a soft frame and keeping your horse’s attention – no more shying!

Clinic 3: Shoulder Control – full control of the shoulders off one rein at a time. Reverse arc and follow your nose. This lesson will stop your horse falling in or out on a circle and give you complete shoulder control while maintaining a soft round working frame. It will also give you a horse that leads like a dream (and if you do your homework – one that does not require a lead rope).

Clinic 4: Long-reining – the most useful tool in the box! It is not as easy as it looks but a ton of practice on this day will get you there and you will never look back.

Clinic 5: Habituation – this lesson is all about getting your horse used to ‘scary’ things – tarps, whips, plastic bags and clippers, just to name a few.

Clinic 6: Riding Confidence – getting the walk and trot. Focus on directional exercises that you can take home for homework.

Clinic 7: Hindquarter control – taught from each side of the horse and off the rein, hindquarter control is essential for stops, canter departures, speed within gait and many, many other things. By the end of this clinic you will have travers on one side of your horse and homework will be to do the other side.

Clinic 8: Advancing – this final clinic is devoted to the things that you would like to do – from canter work to float loading. This week will be based on individual lessons so that you can all learn from one another.