5 - Whole Horse On

The horse now learns to stand quietly on the trailer until asked to back off.

Training Notes:

You have basically made it, congratulations!

Now all you need to do is make sure your horse understands that his only job is to stand on the trailer and back off when you ask.

Lesson Steps:

  1. Allow your horse to stand on the trailer for increasing lengths of time while you stroke his hindquarter and move about a little.
  2. It is important that you move as you don't want your moving to be a cue for the horse to back up.
  3. Make your back up cue very clear, with a verbal 'back up' and gentle pressure on the lead rope.
  4. Try to watch the horse and ask him to back before he decides to do so himself.
  5. If the horse backs off without being asked, immediately (and quietly) ask him back on again; praise him for coming on and allow him to rest before asking him to back off yourself.