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The Kandoo Club Private Facebook Group

The Kandoo Club Private Facebook group is a great place to come and ask questions, post photos and meet other, like-minded riders training their own horses.

The group is amazingly supportive, kind and generous - something not often seen in the horse world today. Here you'll not only find friends but you will gain the confidence you need to know that you KANDOO it!

Kate is on the page every day and answers each question personally, often with a video.

You can also send in a video of yourself training and Kate will voice over it and point out some areas you might change or things you could do differently to improve your results. The video below is an example of such feedback:

the Full set of foundation training DVDs available to watch online!

  • 1

    Bridling and Give to the Bit

    The most important of the foundation training lessons

Teach your horse to be soft in the bridle, travel in frame and train in the 'engagement zone'

  • 2

    Shoulder Control

    Training for a responsive and light ride

Start to refine  your cues and build a bubble of communication

  • 3


    The educational alternative to lunging

This lesson is suitable for any horse that is mature enough to wear a bridle and excellent for starting or re-training

  • 4

    1st Saddling

    How to introduce the saddle correctly

There is no need for your horse to get stressed or 'buck it out' when being introduced to the saddle

  • 5

    Round Pen

    Learn how to use the round pen as a classroom

No more chasing the frightened horse around the round pen - learn how to use this educational tool in an ethical way

  • 6

    Trailer Loading

    Teach your horse how to load carefully, quietly and safely

Trailer loading is often a nightmare but it doesn't have to be - this lesson teaches your horse to load and unload (often the real problem) calmly and quietly

About Kate

Kate recently completed her Bachelor of Equine Science (Hons) at Charles Sturt University and is now enrolled in a PhD, with a focus on welfare and training, at the University of Sydney.

Having competed to Rolex International level in dressage, jumping and polo, Kate became passionate about finding more ethical and sustainable ways of training the horse. To this end, she studied for 7 months with John and Josh Lyons in Colorado, USA, becoming the first Australian to complete the Lyons Certification Program, and then went on to open a training facility in the United Kingdom, Equine Perfection.

On her return to Australia in 2005, Kate founded Kandoo Equine and now concentrates her efforts in helping owners to train their own horses. Kate also coaches riders and is an Equestrian Australia qualified coach.

The lessons and courses found here on the Kandoo Club Online Training are designed specifically for you to train your horse at home. We can't all afford to have a trainer visit or send our horse out to a trainer (and many, including Kate, wouldn't want to!). By training your horse yourself, you fully understand how the horse learns, you are able to correct problems before they arise and you build a strong and happy relationship with your horse.

What does the Kandoo club look like inside?

Inside the Kandoo Club you will find each course with a clear set of steps to follow. On the first page of each course you will see an overview video, the prerequisites (being other Kandoo Club lessons contained within your subscription), the basic principles of the lesson, the lesson plan and how the lesson fits in with the International Society for Equitation Science Training Principles.

why use the kandoo club?

  • Regular Updates

    Additional training is added regularly.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Free membership to this great group.

  • Evidence-Based Training

    Each lesson follows the training principles of Equitation Science.

  • Email Support

    Get your questions answered promptly.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Take your lessons to the arena.

  • Full-Length Training Videos

    Each foundation training short video lesson course also has a full-length lesson with pdf lesson plan.

  • Lesson Plans

    Lesson plans and regular emails guide you through the training.

  • All Levels

    The training is suitable for all levels of horse and rider.

What Kandoo Club Members Say:

Fantastically innovative training methods, I felt like I really established a connection with my horse on the ground so that meant we were talking the same language when we moved to ridden exercises. My horse felt genuinely happy and comfortable it was like he said..."oh, is THAT what you want me to do, easy!" In comparison to traditional dressage training that always felt so difficult and forced, this method feels like you're learning to communicate with one another. It was such a relief and effortless in comparison. Loved it!


My confidence has improved so much since I started with the Kandoo Club Online Training. I've never really trained my own horse before because I didn't think I was a good enough rider but it is all explained so well and makes so much sense!

I've worked my way through the ground work exercises and then translated all of them to the saddle. By doing things in the order Kate suggests, my horse seems to take it all in her stride.

I'm now planning to get a youngster and train him from the very beginning using these lessons - wow, I never thought I'd even consider that a year ago!

Thanks Kate!


This is an absolutely brilliant website I have always had green horses however have never started a horse from scratch I have a 18 month old stock horse cross who I intended on doing the majority of work with and this has given me a fantastic base. Thank you, really appreciate it!


I was a little sceptical at first because I've joined other online training and found long, boring lessons, filmed from miles away, that I couldn't possibly have put to use.

The Kandoo Club training is different - the lessons are broken down into simple steps, each is properly explained, filmed (with excellent sound) very close up so you can see the detail and then the lesson plan shows the written steps.

I did send my spooky and difficult horse out to a trainer, at vast expense, only to have him come back even worse. I actually began the Kandoo Club training with the aim of selling him but he is now going so well that, not only am I keeping him, but we are preparing for our first competition next month!


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  • Evidence-based ethical training principles
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