Train Your Horse at Home!

Soft, attentive, safe and FUN...

It's EASY once you know how....

Access for one year - $379 (AUD)

The Complete Kandoo Club Training Package:

The Complete Package contains all of the Kandoo Club training material. It is suitable for starting a young horse from scratch or re-training a horse of any age or experience.

Learn how to teach softness and frame, shoulder control, ground work including long-reining and round pen work, habituation to the saddle and potentially 'scary' stuff, hindquarter control, problem solving, lateral movements and much, much more.....

These courses will give both you and your horse CONFIDENCE and lead you to successful training and riding in any discipline.

From Foundation Training (Give to the Bit, Shoulder Control, Trailer Loading, Round Pen, 1st Saddling, Long-Reining and Hindquarter Control) through to high level movements, problem solving and discipline specific courses (such as Working Equitation and Dressage).

No more heads in the air, spooking at everything, hollow backed riding horses that have no understanding of their job. No more having to send your beautiful equine partner off to a trainer at vast expense and behind closed doors. No more wondering how to 'fix' that difficult/dangerous behaviour, wondering if you should just sell your horse or generally losing sleep. Now you can teach everything you need with these simple, step-by-step and incredibly effective lessons at home.

The Complete Training Package consists of online training material that is ready for you to take advantage of 24/7. You will have access to your membership area for a year with this purchase.

The Complete Package includes:

  • Over 100 training videos guiding you step-by-step through the details of each lesson
  • 6 full length training videos and PDFs leading you to success with all of the Foundation Training Lessons
  • Additional and Bonus Courses - From Off The Track, Problem Solving, Working Equitation and Understanding your horse's emotional level (videos and PDFs)