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10 Essential Steps to Confidence

Watch this free webinar today! 10 Essential Steps to Confidence In this webinar you will learn: How to approach a lack of confidence from a psychological point of view How your horse learns How foundation training gives both you and your horse confidence How to find the right trainer for you and your horse The…

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Avoiding Problems When Using the Round Pen

The Round Pen – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Some years ago I made a video about how to use the round pen as a training tool. This is now used as a teaching resource at Charles Sturt University in their Equine Science course. Yesterday I received an email from one of the…

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What Your Horse Needs To Know

Foundation Lessons Your Horse Needs to Know BEFORE You Mount: Give to the Bit – This will teach your horse to give to pressure,  softness in the bridle and to carry himself in frame. These lessons keep your horse’s attention on you and really ‘teach him to learn’. He will feel some pressure and it…

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