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Feel Not Flood

As with anything, there are different ways of achieving all our horse training goals. So how do we know which is best, most suitable for us as riders and best for our particular horse? I think we need to ensure that we present new material to the horse in the calmest and best possible way.…

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Back To Work (Part 2)

Part 2 of bringing your horse back to work. Today, his second day back in work, Tally is long-reined and Kate discusses the reasons for starting here.

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What Your Horse Needs To Know

Foundation Lessons Your Horse Needs to Know BEFORE You Mount: Give to the Bit – This will teach your horse to give to pressure,  softness in the bridle and to carry himself in frame. These lessons keep your horse’s attention on you and really ‘teach him to learn’. He will feel some pressure and it…

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