The Kandoo Club is OPEN!

Welcome to the Kandoo Club. We are now open and taking members – people who are serious about training their own horses, are interested in evidence-based methods, are passionate about their beautiful equine partners and care deeply about welfare.

If that sounds like you then come along and have a look at what the Kandoo Club can do for you – many of the ‘Overview’ pages are publicly available to give you an idea of what it is all about.

The aim of the Club is to make evidence-based, ethical and welfare focused training methods available to as many horse owners as possible.

If you want to start your horse under saddle, give it some foundation training or change discipline, teach travers or shoulder-in, tricks or trail riding, then you will find lessons and courses on the Kandoo Club site to get you there.

The Special Introductory pricing will be available for a very limited time!