Trailer Loading Training

Trailer loading can be a nightmare but it doesn't need to be.

Kate can come out to your property and teach your horse how to self-load on to the trailer, wait quietly while you do the back up and unload slowly and carefully. She will then show you how to do exactly the same thing.

The lesson takes anything from an hour to a few hours (in the case of a horse that has had dreadful experiences or been poorly trained and taught to rear or run off backwards) and the cost ($250 + some travel depending on location) includes a full-length training DVD which you can watch later to refresh your memory.

If you opt for in-house or residential training instead then trailer loading can be included as one of your sessions. This is actually a better way of doing it as, not only do you save a substantial amount of money because you are not charged any extra for the lesson) but the horse is already in the Kandoo Engagement Zone and learning calmly and quietly. Call Kate to discuss this possibility (0458298338).


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