All your training needs organised into simple step-by-step lessons

Here's what you can expect from the Kandoo Online Training Club

    • Q.How much does The Kandoo Club cost?

      A.You can purchase a single course, such as ‘On the Bit’, for $147 and you have that course for a whole year. If you are interested in single courses then visit our other site – These courses are more guided and include a lot of bonus material. Alternatively you can purchase a subscription to ALL of the training material and courses for a month ($47) or the whole year ($477). Both of these options are subscriptions and charged each month or year, as appropriate.

    • Q.Is the Kandoo Club subscription based?

      A.Yes, the Kandoo Club is subscription based (unless you purchase a single course).

      Your subscription remains at the price you purchased it for the lifetime of your membership. Currently set a just $47 a month, the price may increase early 2017.

    • Q.Is there a long term commitment?

      A.No, you will have access to the training material for as long as your subscription is current and you can cancel at any time.

    • Q.Are my card details secure?

      A.Yes, the Kandoo Club uses PayPal and secure credit card facilities for all of the transactions.

    • Q.Can I ask questions?

      A.Absolutely! As a member you will become part of the Kandoo Club Members Group, a private Facebook group for members only. Ask all of your questions there and meet lots of like-minded horse owners and riders there too!

    • Q.Does the site have support?

      A.Yes, there is a Contact Kate support link on each page. Simply click that and you will be issued with a ticket. This is for technical support, training questions or contacting Kate for any other reason. For any training questions, try to ask them in the private Facebook group so that everyone gets the benefit of the answers.

    • Q.Can I access the content after I cancel my membership?

      A.No, your access to the training material will be cancelled at the same time as you cancel your payment.

    • Q.Who should I contact if I have another question?

      A.If you have a question please send Kate an email ( or press the support button to be issued with a ticket.

    • Q.Can I share my membership or course with a friend?

      A.No, membership is for the individual that purchased it only.

    • Q.There is a Resource DVD on Trailer Loading and a course. Is this the same material?

      A.No. The DVD resources are not the same material as the Course videos and training steps. Of course the training techniques are the same but it is always helpful to observe a number of horses going through the learning process as each one is slightly different and will teach us something new.