Give To The Bit

Teaching your horse to travel in frame, be soft in the bridle and on the bit.

This is the most important of the Foundation Training Courses. It will teach your horse self-carriage, softness in the bridle and build top-line muscle.

This course is a prerequisite to all of the other Foundation Training Courses - so begin with this one!

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Shoulder Control

This course will take you through the step-by-step process of teaching shoulder control from each side, starting on the ground where the lesson is easy for the horse to learn and moving to the saddle where the true benefits reveal themselves.

This course should follow straight on from Give to the Bit, above.

Turn your Mack truck into a Ferrari!

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Teaching your horse to long-rein. If you want a horse that is 'on the bit', travels in frame, is soft in the bridle and is  building top-line muscle, then this is the course for you. Young horse? Not yet started under saddle? No problem, this course is suitable for any horse that has done the Bridling and Give to the Bit work and is a super preparation for the ridden work to come later on. Start now!

Hindquarter Control

Teaching your horse hindquarter control. This course will teach your horse independent (without moving the shoulders) hindquarter control, off the reins. This means engaging the horse's hindquarters without having to apply leg pressure. The two main advantages of this being a less aggravating cue for the horse and leaving your leg signal for more advanced lateral work in the lessons to come. The course will lead you to travers (haunches-in), collection, lateral work, canter lead departures and flying changes, just for a start! Start now!

Trailer Loading

Teaching your horse to load and unload from the trailer calmly, quietly and safely - every time.

Trailer loading shouldn't be a nightmare and if it is, this course will change all of that for you and your horse.

Your horse will learn to load and unload in the same lesson. This will solve that dangerous rushing off problem so many horses have learned.

If your horse takes more than 20 seconds to load - you'll get something great out of this course!

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Round Pen

The round pen can be a terrific training tool when used correctly. It is NOT a place to chase a horse but a place to teach a horse.

Energy is our most precious commodity and this course will teach you how to conserve your horse's energy and teach him 'how to learn' in this new classroom.

The course looks at a number of different horses of various ages and takes you through the step-by-step process of teaching them outside and inside turns and come-to-me.

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Off the Track

Re-training the ex-race horse.

Simply because they've been ridden, race horses are often assumed to be 'broken in' and ready to ride. However, a lot of what the race horse has been taught, such as pulling on the reins means go faster, walk off while being mounted and so on, isn't at all useful for us!

This course teaches your horse more suitable responses that will keep both you and he safe and having fun.

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