4 - Hips to the Fence From Different Angles

The second of these two videos gives you the trainer's point of view of this lesson.

Standard View

Trainer's Eye View

Training Notes:

  • Notice how this mare's emotional level is so much more stable than the young horse's shown in earlier videos.
  • Try not to label your horse as 'over emotional' or 'flighty' simply because in some situations he may appear so. This tends to change our expectations of the horse and, remember, one thing is for sure - we never get more than we expect.
  • I always expect my horse will be perfectly calm and attentive and, while it might take a few minutes, it is exactly what I end up with.
  • The more experienced your horse is with the Kandoo lessons, the more quickly he will settle into each new learning situation. The horse soon learns that he will not be hurt and he simply has to find the answer to release the pressure.