Bridling and Give to the Bit

Performance starts here

If you want a horse that is in-frame, light in the bridle, concentrating on you, not shying and building all those muscles that he needs to carry you, then this is the film to start with. The most important foundation DVD, Give to the Bit, takes you through this step-by-step, as set out in the lesson plan (PDF), and will set your horse up for success and performance in your chosen discipline - be it dressage, western, jumping, showing, trail riding or pleasure riding.

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Shoulder Control

Turn your Mack truck into a Ferrari

This film will give you complete shoulder control while keeping your horse working lightly in the bridle, maintaining self-carriage and travelling in-frame. In fact more shoulder control than you ever imagined possible. If you want to spin, pirouette, do haunch turns or roll-backs or simply want to navigate your way around a dressage arena, show-jumping course or trail path - this is the place to start.

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Long-reining is one of the most useful and educational things we can do with the horse. A horse of any age or stage of training will benefit from this lesson. In the film you will see 5 different horses all learning how to long-rein.

This lesson will teach your horse to travel in-frame, reinforce being light in the bridle and in-frame in all gaits, allow him to get his hindquarter underneath him and improve overall performance in all disciplines.

It is a wonderful tool for fixing problems such as transitions, running off and bucking. Also, use this tool when your horse has been out of work for a while and you are worried he might be a little fresh - he is being educated at the same time, not just getting fitter, as with lunging.

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Round Pen

The round pen as a classroom

When used correctly, the round pen is a wonderful training tool. This lesson introduces you to the basics - ensuring your horse doesn't feel chased or fearful in any way and is relaxed and 'learning how to learn'.

You will see 5 different horses learning how to do: 1) outside turns, 2) inside turns and 3) come-to-me.

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Trailer Loading

Quiet, calm and confident - every time

There is nothing worse than staying up all night before an event worrying about whether or not your horse is going to load on to the trailer. Not to mention unload at the venue quietly and safely.

This lesson will show you how to teach your horse to walk confidently on to the trailer, stand patiently while you do up the ramp and so on and then back off slowly and calmly - every time!

While the film was designed for the particularly troublesome loader, it is a great lesson for any horse that is a little hesitant about the trailer, doesn't stand and wait when loaded or rushes off.

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1st Saddling

For starting or re-educating your horse

This lesson explains, step-by-step, the process of introducing the horse to the saddle. You will see 5 different horses in the video - one of which is not new to the saddle as it is also a great lesson for horses that have a saddling problem, are chronic buckers, cold-backed, spooky with the saddle, don't stand still for mounting and so on.

If you are using this film to start a young horse and plan for this to be the first time you mount then I suggest that you have already worked through the Round Pen, Give to the Bit and Long-Reining lessons above.

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