Ima Little Rustler


Ima Little Rustler (aka Little Bear)

Quarter Horse Stallion

AQHA - Q-68342

DOB - 14/11/08, 6 years old

Sire: Murrumbo Gold Rustler Q-13990

Dam: Viking Little Lori Q-35140

$16,000 - home is more important than price so if you think you could provide the perfect home then give me a call to discuss it (0458298338)

It is with great sadness that I look for a home for Bear. He has been my companion and demonstration horse for 2 years now and is worth his weight in GOLD.

Little Bear would make a perfect reining horse or would be equally happy gelded and going to Pony Club at weekends and trail riding with Mum during the week. He is easy in every way, handled by children (even as a stallion and has no colty tendencies) and has the very best foundation training (meaning you can leave him for months and jump on and know he will be 100%). I always put any nervous or beginner riders I get on Bear because I know he will look after them. Horses of this calibre rarely come on the market.

Below is a video of his most recent demonstration at the Unbridled Festival of Horses, Music and Food in Canberra (15th November, 2014). I am afraid that the sound isn't terribly good but you can see how relaxed Bear is despite the crowd, other horses and loud music.

Bear is a pleasure to own in every way. Although he is a stallion, he has never covered a mare and shows absolutely no colty behaviour, even at busy shows.

Temperament-wise he is faultless and so quiet that when I have nervous riders, it is this 6 year old stallion that I get them to ride.

The only reason I am selling him is because I really feel he would be better off with someone that could give him more attention that I am able to. Currently he spends most of his time in the paddock and I get him out, with a couple of days preparation, to take him to demonstrate on, teach a clinic or show. He is bright and easy to engage and I feel would love to be a bit busier.

He has been in many different situations, demonstrating at Murrumbateman, Griffith and Mudgee Field Days this year, competed in dressage and Working Equitation at SIEC, attended Adult Riding Club and other clinics, just to name a few.

If you think you might have the perfect home for Bear (and I do understand that most people would prefer to geld him and I can't see a problem with that as he has never shown any stallion behaviour), please give me a call to discuss it.

Below is a video containing some stills of Bear during the Working Equitation Competition at Sydney International Equestrian Centre.

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Below is a video of Ima Little Rustler's second try with bridle-less riding. He was making a video for the Kandoo Club training site!

Grabbing a coffee before his first demonstration at Riverina Field Days 2014

Preparations for demonstration at Bungendore Show 2014 - one bath and a rug for a night, otherwise in paddock condition.

Highlands Riding Club Day 2014

Griffith Field Days Demonstration 2014

Summer paddock condition

Paddock life with his ASH gelding mate, Tatty.

Highlife Magazine 2013

Soft, natural frame with all riders

Warming up for the hack classes at Bowral Ag Show

First outing as a youngster - Champion AQHA colt

With a paddock mate

Being started under saddle

He is quiet and sensible and travels in the same soft frame for all riders.

Lunch with his stallion friend, Harry

Working Equitation practice day at Goulburn Dressage Club

Bear's first try at bareback and bridle-less. More to follow - this is fun!

Bear featured in a series of short videos made for Pony Club riders - above is one of them.