Wellsdale Kandoo It All

Wellsdale Kandoo It All (aka Tally)

Australian Stock Horse Stallion

Registered Stud Book Stock Horse Stallion - 189861

DOB - 18/10/2008, 6 years old

Sire: Wellsdale Acres Of Coal - C2 163121 (Grandsire: Acres Destiny)

Dam: Wellsdale Tiffany - 138515 (Grandsire: Glen Lee Rivoli Vision)


Tally has been allowed to grow and develop normally (rather than being started as a 2 year old as is so often the case with these beautiful horses). As a result he is perfectly sound, confident and quiet under saddle and on the ground.

He has never covered a mare and works well in the company of other horses, including mares. He has grown up in the company of other colts/stallions his age and geldings and is currently living in a paddock on his own.

Movement for the hack ring

Jet black

Acres Of Coal (Sire)