Falling Out

How to stop your horse from falling out on the circle.

Training Notes:

  • Falling out of the circle means that the horse is making the circle bigger by not following his nose around in the arc of the circle with his feet. The horse in the video is only falling out during one section of the circle, near the gate, while the rest of the time he bends his body around the circle and follows his nose.
  • If your problem is the opposite, falling in and making the circle smaller, also see the 'Shoulder Control' lessons and DVD and teach your horse reverse arc.
  • Remember that the horse isn't doing anything 'naughty' by falling out and trying to head towards the gate. He simply doesn't understand the 'follow your nose' cue.

Lesson Steps:

  1. Be sure you have done 'Give to the Bit', 'Shoulder Control' and 'Long-Reining' lessons before you begin as your horse will need to know these things.
  2. Start with the horse on the long-reins in a circle around you.
  3. When the horse falls out of the circle (his feet don't follow his nose around the circle) have pressure on the inside rein.
  4. As soon as his feet DO follow his nose around the circle release the pressure on the rein and praise the horse.
  5. The long-reins are quite a 'busy' place so it may take a little while for your horse to realise when he is being released. Be patient and careful with your release to make it as easy as possible for him.