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Here's what you can expect from the Kandoo Online Training Club

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  • Q.How much does membership cost?

    A.For the launch period (and the life of any membership bought during this period) the monthly membership is AU$27 per month. Yearly membership is AU$227, a saving of 30%, per year, also for the life of your membership.

  • Q.Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    A.Yes, there is no minimum length of membership however refunds are not given for time not used. If you join the monthly or yearly subscription and cancel before the end of the month/year then you will not be charged again.

  • Q.Is there a long term commitment?

    A.No, there is no minimum length of membership. All of the material, including the Resources, are available to all members from the moment they join.

  • Q.Are my card details secure?

    A.Yes, we use the completely secure PayPal system for the membership payments.

  • Q.Can I ask questions?

    A.Absolutely! In fact there is a special section each month dedicated to members questions and the accompanying video and lesson plan answers.

  • Q.Does the site have support?

    A.Yes, on each lesson and course page you will see a support tab on the left. Simply click that and you will be issued with a ticket. This is for technical support, training questions or contacting Kate for any other reason.

  • Q.What will be added to the Club each month?

    A.The following will be added each month: Lessons, courses or parts of courses, scientific paper and research reviews and information, Q & A from members, with video answers. The following will be added regularly: Guest content – articles, interviews and videos, behind the scenes video, Member profiles and much more….

  • Q.Can I access the content after I cancel my membership?

    A.No, the content is only accessible while you are a subscribed member.

  • Q.Who should I contact if I have another question?

    A.If you have a question please send Kate an email (kate@kandooequine.com.au).

  • Q.This is an 'Introductory Price'. Will my membership price increase in the future?

    A.No, the price remains the same for the lifetime of your membership. The subscription fee will increase in the future but that increase will not apply to people that joined with this introductory offer. However if you cancel your subscription at any time and later rejoin, the new price will then apply to your new membership.

  • Q.Can I share my membership with a friend?

    A.No, membership is for the individual that purchased it only.

  • Q.There is a Resource DVD on Trailer Loading and a course. Is this the same material?

    A.No. The DVD resources are not the same material as the Course videos and training steps. Of course the training techniques are the same but it is always helpful to observe a number of horses going through the learning process as each one is slightly different and will teach us something new.