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Using the Kandoo Club:

  • This is YOUR Club. I would love to hear your feedback and/or your training questions. Please do use the contact links above to send me any questions or feedback you may have.
  • Webinars will be run regularly. They will also be available for non-members to attend (although not to download the recordings of later) so please invite anyone along that you feel might want to learn a little more about the Club or benefit from some horse training tips. I will do my best to schedule times that suit the global community that make up the Kandoo Club members but if you are having trouble making a time, let me know and I will see what I can do.
  • Remember all of the webinar recordings will be available to members on the site so don't feel that you need to attend in person (or virtual person). If you have questions, the end of each webinar will be a Q&A session, do try to email them to me in advance (especially if you won't be able to attend).
  • Where appropriate, lessons and courses will indicate which, if any, other lessons are required before teaching the one you have looked up. This will help ensure that your foundations are solid and the horse builds on his learning in a sequential manner.
  • Be sure to check the Training DVDs in the Resources section and download the accompanying PDF lesson plans. The courses and lessons you will find in the other sections of the Club contain completely different footage and mostly arise from the things I have found most people and horses struggle with. The aim of the Club is to overcome these typical problems you, as trainers, face.

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  • This subscription belongs to YOU. Please do not give your user details away. The price is set at a level that makes it accessible to everyone so if you think of someone that might like to join then by all means send them a link to the Membership page (kandooclub.com) and they can decide for themselves.
  • With this in mind, your subscription allows you to access the material from one IP address. If you feel you might be using the Club from 2 addresses (such as one at work and one at home - I won't tell the boss if you won't) then do please drop me a line using the contact details above and I will make a note of that in your details (I really wouldn't want to cancel your membership simply because you are super-keen).
  • The Training material will be added to frequently and you will be able to access all the material while your membership remains active.
  • If you did not purchase this membership, please contact me using the links above. Thank you.